Welcome to COTYSO STUDIOS, professional film, music and photography studios.

We have the equipment and expertise needed to support every stage of your digital media production.

Spread over four floors, we offer over 6,000 sq ft of space dedicated to filming, photography and audio recording.

We’ve invested in high-end equipment to enable us to deliver a top quality final product. Our studios are stuffed with cutting edge cameras and sound recording equipment, complemented by our new SSL desk.

We welcome beginners with the same open arms that have received A-list stars. We have all the expertise you would expect to find in an experienced media production team, combined with a willingness to share our knowledge with others. Whether you’re an old hat looking for a slick, professional production, a first timer wanting to learn the ropes or somewhere in between, our team will be excited to work with you.

Located just ten minutes from Manchester city centre, COTYSO Studies are within easy reach of Manchester Airport and Manchester Piccadilly train station.

On-site, you will find all the facilities you need to not only achieve a professional quality production, but enjoy the experience too. We have ample space for preparation and relaxation including a changing room, make-up area, hospitality space and kitchen.

The interior is bright, modern and airy, with a vaulted ceiling in the main studio and a mezzanine viewing gallery overlooking the space. This spacious building provides a creative environment in which ideas can be brought to life, by professional artists and technicians.

We can be involved in your production as much or as little as you like. If you simply need to hire some equipment, that’s fine with us. Or perhaps you have some footage that needs editing, we can do that too.

Or maybe you have nothing more than a basic outline scribbled on a paper napkin. With our experience, expertise and equipment, we can build upon your idea to create a final production that reflects your original intention.

Video Production Overview

It’s our belief that all films should be blockbuster-awesome, even the little ones. At COTYSO Studios we can take care of all aspects of video production, from sketching out the initial concept, to organising actors, props and locations. But if you’d rather we were your wingman while you pilot the spaceship, we can do that too. Just tell us what you need, and where you need it, and we’ll be there.

Sound Recording Overview

All you need to provide is an amazing voice or magnificent music, and we’ll do the rest, Our state of the art sound recording studios include all the technology needed to capture your sounds, and deliver playback quality that does them justice.

Besides recording and post-production, we can also support you with musician casting, sound effects, music composition and arrangement scoring.

Photography Overview

Mix and match whatever you need from our photography offering. Camera, lighting, studios, photographers, location scout, post-production, backgrounds and even props, we can provide everything you need for a successful, professional photography shoot.

If you come to us, we can offer a blackout studio, a natural light studio, changing and make-up area, plus plenty of hospitality space to spread out in. Or calls us to your chosen location, and we’ll provide everything required to get the images you need.